Family Tree Back to 1763

Now this project was a challenge to say the least! But such a fun challenge! I had a client come to me about a week or so before Christmas requesting a family tree to be done in calligraphy as a gift for her family for Christmas. When we spoke on the phone I envisioned an 8×10 sheet of parchment with calligraphy of a few family names…but boy was I wrong! I set up a consultation with the client and she brought in a hugeeeee chart of all her ancestors dating back to 1763!!! This was SO cool. I was beyond impressed that she did all of this work. It was so amazing to see someone work so hard to create such a gift for their family.

This project took a whole lot of brain power in just formatting and reformatting to make it all legible and flowing. After several hours of aligning over 100 names I began to write…and write….and write! The client requested 7 copies of the tree . The catch? She was moving to San Diego at the end of the week and they just had to be done!

To ensure things got finished I worked 37 hours straight in the beginning. I began each 18×36 sheet with stamping to title the tree followed by starting with most recent family members. 5 copies were done the morning she  was leaving and she allowed me to send the remaining 2 to San Diego as she wouldn’t need them until after the new year.

SO proud of the final product, which was beautifully wrapped 🙂

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