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Old World Calligraphy

I recently got a call from a client looking for traditional black ink well old-world calligraphy. While she preferred the signature Sweet P style, she thought her son in New England would want something more traditional.

Her son had a lovely wedding on the coast and she was giving him this marriage certificate as a gift! So glad I could help out!

B’s Bridal Shower

The maid of honor who found me on Yelp! had little time to make a big impression. She came in on a Wednesday for a bridal shower she was throwing that Sunday – this meant crunch time for me! She wanted something simple that would really speak to the brides taste and colors. She brought in her white boxes filled with shiny silver jordan almonds and other goodies, and my job was to make the outside pop!

I used three of the brides colors and garnished the tops of the boxes with sheer ribbon and a calligraphy tag to greet each guests! Great turn out! Yeah!

Pretty & Gold

A few weeks ago I received an email from a blushing bride who had found me on Yelp! She was in search of someone to make her dreams of wedding personalization a reality! Just so happens that I’m the gal for the job! Woohoo!

The bride wanted several custom items made including custom wine tags, custom place cards for guests, custom favor stickers and a custom embosser with the couples new monogram. So I did just that…I began by ordering the the custom embosser to ensure its on time arrival. The bride chose a very romantic script font to show off the new monogram – she ended up using her custom embosser to garnish the vellum covers of her programs. She hung the custom calligraphy wine tags for the bottles of wine she gave to guests. The calligraphy monogram stickers were placed on small boxes of chocolates at each place setting. The custom place cards were icing on the cake! The place cards were embellished with a gold heart stamp to really match the gold calligraphy. We then used punches as meal indicators which is a great way to take minimal attention away from the main theme of the card.

Great turn out! Congratulations to the bride who is enjoying her honeymoon!

Miami Calligraphy

I’m in Miami b**** !!! YAY! So excited about this wedding! The bride found me on Yelp! and was enthusiastic from the minute I picked up the phone. She told me her mother “almost had a frican conniption” when she told her that she wanted to print out labels for the wedding invitations, LOL! You gotta love the mother of the bride – they just want everything prefect thats all!

The bride’s wedding is in Miami on South Beach! How cool is that? Because her envelopes are black we really needed a color to pop on the front. What better color to pop than metallic silver, it stands out so beautifully against the black matte background!

Mazel Tov to the bride and groom! woooohoooo!

Calligraphy Photo Shoot

s01A friend and fabulous business mentor, Tony Nguyen was gracious enough to come to For My Sweet P and shoot my new calligraphy samples. Tony was the brilliant photographer who shot my wedding – we interviewed 11 photographers before we were lucky enough to find him. His work is amazing you have have to check it out! Portrait by Tony is the name of the business and he’s the best around!

Scroll down to see just a taste of his work 🙂 s02s03s06s08s09s13s14s15s17s20s21s22s23s24s25s26s32s27s28s29s36s34

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