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A Fathers Love

The father of the bride called and asked me to write the toast he wrote for his daughters wedding in calligraphy. He gifted it to her on her first wedding anniversary! How very sweet and heartfelt!

An Old Fashioned Love Letter in Calligraphy

This was a unique and heart-felt request that I hadn’t received before. A gentleman who found me on through my Yelp! page contacted me and told me he wanted to give his wife something super special for their first anniversary. He wanted to write her a personal love letter and then have me write it in black ink calligraphy. So I did just that.

He was so delighted when he picked up the letter this week and he is going to give it to her as a surprise at their anniversary dinner! So romantic and I was so happy to be a part of it 🙂

One Sweet Baptism

I was so excited about the opportunity to work with a friend of mine on her daughters baptism. She was the mastermind behind it all and I was there to help her bring this sweet vision to life. After going through several ideas we landed on a candy theme. She made the fabulous lolli pop centerpieces (pic #3)

I got to help out with custom monogrammed cupcake toppers that we did in baby pink, hot pink, lime green and teal with a white letter “Y” looooooooved how these came out!  I also did 12 paper florals with polka ribbon, a custom monogrammed signature platter and a handmade seating chart.

Check out all the fabulous pics from this lovely event!

Family Tree Back to 1763

Now this project was a challenge to say the least! But such a fun challenge! I had a client come to me about a week or so before Christmas requesting a family tree to be done in calligraphy as a gift for her family for Christmas. When we spoke on the phone I envisioned an 8×10 sheet of parchment with calligraphy of a few family names…but boy was I wrong! I set up a consultation with the client and she brought in a hugeeeee chart of all her ancestors dating back to 1763!!! This was SO cool. I was beyond impressed that she did all of this work. It was so amazing to see someone work so hard to create such a gift for their family.

This project took a whole lot of brain power in just formatting and reformatting to make it all legible and flowing. After several hours of aligning over 100 names I began to write…and write….and write! The client requested 7 copies of the tree . The catch? She was moving to San Diego at the end of the week and they just had to be done!

To ensure things got finished I worked 37 hours straight in the beginning. I began each 18×36 sheet with stamping to title the tree followed by starting with most recent family members. 5 copies were done the morning she  was leaving and she allowed me to send the remaining 2 to San Diego as she wouldn’t need them until after the new year.

SO proud of the final product, which was beautifully wrapped 🙂

Neutral Baby

Another neutral baby shower it is! This time the cake round was completely personalized with mom-to-be’s first and last name. This cake was built with diapers, onesies and bibs for an extra special touch! This cake also included two frames.

The favors carried on the same theme by using a metallic calligraphy and a matching green stamp on the hand made tags. Each box was filled with Fall colored m&m’s and garnished with sheer gold wired ribbon.

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