New Baptismal Items!

Check out these one of a kind baptismal sets themed to compliment your special event!

The first and third photos feature full packages; meaning they include the baptismal lambada (candle), kouti (box) for all the clothing, shoes, towels etc and an additional basket for the ladi (oil) and soap. Photos one and four feature the decorative kouti (box). We can also offer a matching lambada (candle) depending on your needs!

Contact Stephania (408.375.1944) at For My Sweet P if you’d like more information! Items are ready for immediate pick up or nationwide shipping. Custom martyrika and favors are also available upon request.

I Heart NY

Nothing short of fabulous would describe my most recent trip to Manhattan to visit my sister. Lots of adventure and things to see. Above I was walking around aimlessly in Times Square (haven’t had aimless time in a while so it was extra lovely to have it in NY!) Out of absolutely nowhere this super tall, built NYPD cop looks at me across the plaza and says “Italian?” and I looked back at him a little puzzled and replied “Yes, I’m Greek/Italian” he smiled and then said “Calabria?” I looked at him with a shocked and pleased smile on my face! How could he know where my Fathers family is from in Italy? What are the odds? We chatted for a bit and it turns out he lived in Italy for 9 years and said I had the look of that area lol! I was so very flattered as I am notoriously awful and awkward at taking any sort of compliments 😉

I also ran into John Stossel who asked me for an interview….but of course I shied away. Got to watch someone else on the spot instead!

Earlier that day I headed to the New York Public Library in Midtown Manhattan…also known as “the house that houses all the great love stories”…..wait for it, wait for it! Call it! Sex And The City movie that is!!!! Ahhhhh gives me chills just thinking about the would-be wedding scenes. The stature alone of this building was absolutely astounding with all its grand marble and arched ceilings and doorways. Kept imagining all the SATC girls inside! Also ran into my most recent mantra of “Keep Calm and Carry On” here along with 19 other places in the city!  Even applied and got a library card so I could check out and read the famous love letter book Carrie read while in bed with Big! So exciting….

And of course I went on my normal bake shop quests in New York as I do on every trip there 🙂 This time I stopped by Billy’s Bakery in Chelsea, Magnolia Bakery on the west side and Carlo’s Bake Shop in Hoboken New Jersey. We also visited a handmade candy shop in the city called Varsano’s in Greenwich Village. Man was this part fun!!!

I ventured to Billy’s particularly for their red velvet cupcake because last time in NY after like 7 bakeries I never found one I loved. This cupcake was good but not fabulous…cream cheese icing was not cream cheesy enough for me and the cake was a bit dry unfortunately. I gave Magnolia another shot this trip as I have always thought their cupcakes we very heavy. This time my sister suggested we get their famous banana pudding, so we did. Holy jackpot!!! It was amazing! While I usually am skeptical of some banana desserts, I fell in love with this one immediately. The generous portion of banana cream and some sort of broken up sponge cake was super yummy! Definitely a goodie I’ll have to hit up next time in the city. And then we ventured to Jersey on a sunny Sunday in an effort to see the Cake Boss! TLC was actually filming a Christmas promo when we arrived to wait in a super long line so that was cool! Lots of hype but the bakery itself actually underwhelmed me unfortunately 🙁 Kind of run down, disorganized, no menu and so flippin’ crowded because “security” i.e. Buddy’s nephews were letting in way too many people at a time. My sister and I got so flustered by the crowd and lack of visibility of choices that we just ordered a cannoli and a cookie lol! And there was nothing special about ’em. More exciting to say you went than actually going – but duh, of course I’ll keep watching, I love the show! Lastly, we visited Varsano’s for some salty chocolates. They make these to die for dark chocolate marshmallow bars sprinkled with flakey sea salt. To. Die. For. OMG!!!!!!

Until next time New York…………..

Gettin’ My Craft On In NY

New York, New York! Craft supply shopping on this trip was seriously sensory overload. On our way to Hoboken my sister and I took the subway into Midtown Manhattan to check out some savvy craft vendors in the city. Holy selection! These places were bursting at the seams with all things crafty, like trims, sequins, fabrics, ribbons, beads, lace, feathers, crystals and fringe! These photos are a fraction of what we saw!

Not only was the selection massive, but so what the actual space that house all these crafty wonders. Warehouses full of this stuff…a crafty girls dream come true 🙂 My mind was racing while I was in there thinking about all the cool stuff I could create with such supplies. So excited to out these vendor relationships to good use !

p.s. – The pic of my business card behind plexiglass is from a cab in Jersey lol! There were like 3 other cards in this cab of hair braiding salons and some other obscure business types, so I thought “What the hell! Let For My Sweet P get a shout out too yo!”

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