“Stephania R.P. Panayotopoulos” Founder, Owner & Creator

about-me-picA happily married crafty mama with a beautiful baby girl and two fur-babies – I’m a California transplant by way of New York and Miami. Being creative and crafting have long been hobbies of mine since I was a small child. I remember creating exquisite collages and art projects in grade school – and working all day on crafty creations for friends and family while snowed in during chilly upstate New York blizzards, or windy and rainy hurricanes in Miami during the season!

I received my first calligraphy set when I was in the 4th grade and have been infatuated ever since. When planning for my own wedding on 07.07.07 having a personalized touch on everything we did was very important. I didn’t want the same commercial type touches I saw at every other wedding I attended. When it came down to finding a vendor who could fulfill that need, there was no one to be found – no one to do all the things I wanted before, during and after my wedding. Therefore, I created all of those personal touches myself. This sparked interest for others who also wanted a personal touch on their special event. Therefore, my desire to make other people feel the same joy I did about seeing these personalized touches, led to the birth of “For My Sweet P” in 2007 coined from an endearing and reciprocal nickname my husband and I have for one another – I then turned my passion into an official business in 2008 and took a complete leap of faith outside of what was comfortable and safe.

I work in marketing and PR, and come from a strong background with a BA & MS in broadcast journalism and having worked with ABC News and NBC Bay Area. I also worked annually at the Oscar’s and Emmy’s. I now also spend my time working for a local non-profit very near and dear to my heart, Mothers’ Milk Bank mothersmilk.org that works to nourish the most vulnerable population with donor human milk that is screened, pasteurized and tested. Come on mamas, lets work together and pay it forward!